Sunday Classes

Our Current Study:

"Intro to the Lutheran Confessions": For our Summer 2017 Bible Study, we are studying an overview of the Lutheran Confessions. What makes the Lutheran confession different than the confessions of other Christian denominations? And, are these differences worth 'worrying' about? Join us each week, 9:15-10:15, as we learn the uniqueness of the Lutheran confession and its purity in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Children's Studies:

Catechism Instruction: For three years (usually 6th-8th grade), students are taught the Christian Faith, using Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism as their guide. Each Sunday, the students gather to memorize the Catechism and to learn how to properly hear and distinguish Law and Gospel in the sermon. Each Wednesday, students meet with the pastor to apply their learning (see the Weekday classes below).


Sunday School for PreK-5th Grade: During the summer of 2017, younger children use the Sunday School hour to learn accounts of the Scriptures and to sing songs and hymns that confess the Faith; older children take part in a 'pre-confirmation class' that focuses on learning the Small Catechism and improving their use of the Scriptures.