Sunday Classes


Our Current Study:

During summer 2021, our adult bible study discusses the theology of worship and the historical liturgy. What an important periodic review, to always ask "Why do we worship as we do?," lest we fall into traditionalism. What joy is ours in understanding and cherishing the depths of theology in Christ's Divine Service to His people.

Children's Studies:

Catechism Instruction: For two years (usually 5th-6th grade), students are taught the Christian Faith, using Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism as their guide. Each Sunday, the students gather to memorize the Catechism and to learn how to properly hear and distinguish Law and Gospel in the sermon. Each Wednesday, students meet with the pastor to apply their learning (see the Weekday Classes page).

Sunday School for PreK-4th Grade: During the second half of summer 2021, the youngest children will focus on learning the Small Catechism, while the older children will learn the Symbols of the Church. Join us!