A sister congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

Calvary's role versus Covid-19: 
With faith in the God of all three estates of His creation (Church, Government, Family), Calvary has decided to voluntarily support the 15-day "stay at home request" in the effort of the government to protect the nation and provide for the common good. Please read the statement hear.

All Divine Services and Bible studies have been cancelled until further notice!

Look for new listening options coming to the website.

Calvary Lutheran Church is a confessional LCMS congregation in Elgin, IL that desires to share with all people the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, doing so in the liturgical language of the Divine Service by proclaiming and teaching Christ’s Word in truth and by administering His Sacraments rightly.



Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum, "The Word of the Lord Endures Forever."

Based on 1 Peter 1:25, this saying of the Lutheran Reformation is our certain hope as well. Join us as we gather around the Lord's enduring Word and Sacraments for the forgiveness of sins and the strengthening of faith.

Service Times

8:00a Sunday Divine Service  
9:15a Bible Study  
10:30a  Sunday Divine Service  


Palm Sunday, April 5

+  Isaiah 50:4-9a
+  Philippians 2:5-11
+   Matthew 26:1-27:66

Hymn of the Day: 

"No Tramp of Soldiers' Marching Feet"

Lutheran Service Book #444