Mid-week Studies

Catechism Instruction: Students in their years of Catechism instruction gather each Wednesday night from 7:00-8:15 (during Advent & Lent: 5:45-6:40) to study basic Christian doctrine, as taught and confessed in the Lutheran church. Upon completion of this class, students are assessed for their preparedness to enter into communicant membership.

 Book of Concord study groups - Both Men and Women have respective Book of Concord study groups, that all might study our Lutheran Confessions with Pastor Bestul. Join us, each class being held every third Saturday throughout the year.

 Quarterly Book Club - Join us in the reading of various theological books that helps us consider and meditate upon our life in Christ. Recent titles include The Lonely Way, (Dis)Ordered, The Hammer of God, and Live Not by Lies.  Participants are invited to a book review discussion for each book.

Quarterly “Christianity & Current Events” – Join us in considering current events and how the Christian is called to understand them in light of God’s holy will for His creation. This class helps participants recognize God’s holy will for daily life as daily life plays out in society; and the discussion encourages Christians to consider that lives confident in Christ Jesus may live with patience and long-suffering, recognizing the godly role of government and its accountability to Him, and resisting the idolatries of daily life that remove from us the joy of a peaceable and quiet life.

 Lifelight Study Group: On periodic Tuesdays throughout the year, members of this group gather in each other's homes to study Biblical topics. Please contact the church office for more information about joining this group.

 Annual Theological Conference: Each autumn, a guest lecturer is welcomed to Calvary for a Saturday presentation on Lutheran doctrine and practice. Guest speakers are usually seminary professors or parish pastors well-known throughout the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.