Sunday Classes


Our Current Study:

During winter - spring 2021, our adult bible study will reconvene it's pre-pandemic focus on "The Pastoral Epistles."  Why did Paul write to Timothy and Titus? And why did the Holy Spirit want the whole church to know about it?  Join us at 9:20am each Sunday.

Children's Studies:

Catechism Instruction: For three years (usually 5th-7th grade), students are taught the Christian Faith, using Dr. Martin Luther's Small Catechism as their guide. Each Sunday, the students gather to memorize the Catechism and to learn how to properly hear and distinguish Law and Gospel in the sermon. Each Wednesday, students meet with the pastor to apply their learning (see the Weekday Classes page).

Sunday School for PreK-5th Grade: During winter - spring 2021, the children will focus on the Old Testament and how it points us to Christ.  Classes are each Sunday at 9:20am.